Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I'm Baaaaaack

Ok, I have set a new goal for myself - get back and post out to my blog sites. After a couple of years laying low (writing other things) I am going to make a stab at putting down some thoughts about digital citizenship and its affects on education as well as society.

Since the last post there have been some changes - the NETS for both teachers and students have been refreshed and digital citizenship has found a place in both. Not only does this show that digital citizenship has found importance with those of you who have been reading our articles and book but it has larger implications. Now my concern is not just with the standards and the elements we created but where we go from here. I feel that we have a roadmap but now it is time to go and test these themes out and see where we end up.

My goal now is to begin networking with others who are interested in seeing where this may end up. I sometimes feel like Alice and am just not sure how deep this rabbit hole goes. Every day though it seems there is another issue - like the New York Times article about students now copying entire textbooks and putting them online - that needs to be addressed.

I hope that some users see this post and respond so that we can begin the discussion. I think we are at the beginning of something that could have ramifications for years to come - it sounds like fun!!!!!!!!! Let me know what you are thinking.